Young Stars and Guitars
FAQ FOR Young Stars & Guitars BOOKINGS:
  1. Do You Provide Music for Weddings?
    Absolutely! Jimmy has been performing in weddings for years and many of the Young Stars & Guitars perform at weddings. We can provide music for the ceremony and the reception if needed. We can perform that special song or even write one for you and that special someone.

  2. Can You Provide Music For Something Small Like A Backyard Birthday Party or Anniversary?
    Yes we can! We can play almost any event and customize the performance to your needs.


  1. Where Do You Teach?
    Jimmy has a spacious studio in his home in Central Arlington, Texas, near Bowen & Park Row.

  2. Do You Teach Beginners?
    Absolutely! Many of the Young Stars & Guitars were beginners when they started taking lessons from Jimmy. He also has had beginning students that are well into their 50’s and 60’s.

  3. Do You Teach Children?
    Jimmy teaches children as young as 11 years of age. If you have a child that is younger than this that wants to take lessons, then we can have one of the Young Stars and Guitars Students that has been trained under Jimmy to instruct your child at a reduced cost on the basics of Chords and Theory. Then when they are old enough (11), Jimmy can take them on as a student..

  4. How Long Do You Recommend That I Practice?
    Typically set aside 20 minutes of high concentrated practice time each day. This will give you the muscle memory to progress each week and be ready to take on new material at the next lesson.

  5. Will I Have Time to Take This On If I’m Involved In Other Activities?
    Typically if you are involved in playing sports, dance, gymnastics or one other activity, then you will have time to take on lessons, practice, and do homework along with the other activity. If you are involved in more than one activity, then “No,” this would be taking on too much.

  6. Do You Offer Gift Certificates?
    Yes we do! We recommend that you purchase a month’s worth of lessons and we will email you a certificate that you can print out.



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About Jimmy

Jimmy Pitstick has over 35 years experience in playing live music. He still finds time to play in his band Scott & James who received national recognition for songwriting and performing at the GMA's Seminar in the Rockies Festival in 2000. They were voted Best Band at Billy Bob's for the Wolfe radio station, finalist in the B.W. Stevenson's Songwriting Competition in Dallas, and were regular performers at Johnny High's and Grapevine Opry. They cut two independent CD's that received regular radio play from independent radio station KVTT in the early 2000's. Jimmy has a Bachelor of Business Degree in Management from the University of Texas at Arlington. He is a full-time private guitar instructor and former Board Member on the Arlington Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts.

"Jimmy is an excellent musician (guitarist/singer) whom I have used for special events. Jimmy does an excellent job and I highly recommend him, not only as an instructor, but as a performer."

- Tim Tremaine, Tarrant Co Sheriff's Office